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Why endure pain when you can learn to let go of it? The Alexander Technique is a set of tools that can be used wherever you are, with whatever activity you are doing, to improve coordination, release stress in movement, reduce back pain and anxiety, and better your overall health and well-being.

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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a 120 year-old method that focuses on psycho-physical re-education.  We help students identify harmful patterns of neuromuscular tension that run deep beneath conscious awareness.  With hands on guidance, we help the student release out of these patterns that cause excessive strain and chronic pain over time. ​ 

The principles of the Alexander Technique can be applied to any activity to better your posture, relieve aches and pains and reduce joint stiffness while sustainably improving overall functioning.  My job as an Alexander technician is to encourage ease in the head, neck, and back with non-invasive, hands-on guidance and verbal instruction.  We will work together on a process of thinking that can help you take this improved co-ordination in movement and into your day-to-day life. ​​

A typical Alexander lesson focuses on improving how we walk, sit and stand, breathe or speak by teaching how to move as one integrated whole.  

Since the Alexander Technique focuses on improving your overall co-ordination, it can be applied to any activity or art form to facilitate your performance and maximize efficiency.

Psycho-physical re-education has been known to help with a number of conditions including; chronic back and neck pain, Parkinson's disease, joint stiffness, breathing, anxiety, repetitive stress injuries, stage fright to name just a few.  The Mayo Clinic has offered the Alexander Technique as part of their health and wellness program. It has been endorsed by a Nobel Laureate and medical professionals, and is a required study in many of the top performing arts schools in the world.        

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My name is Travis Chastain. I am an Am-SAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique located in Denver, Colorado. 

Students have come to me for chronic back pain, neck pain, Parkinson's disease, joint stiffness, difficulty moving, frozen shoulder, anxiety, stress-related injuries, and stage fright. 

 I have had the pleasure of teaching a more efficient and easy way of moving to musicians, actors, therapists, teachers, performing artists, weight lifters, business men and women, and people in the tech community.  I would love to help empower you in your daily movements and activities!

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