Alexander Tech Support

Tech Support serves as a resource on the many ways the Alexander Technique has been known to improve people's lives.

A large focus of the Alexander Technique is how we move, how we think while we move, and what habits of tension are interfering with the best version of ourselves.

In your Alexander Technique lessons with Travis, you will learn to free yourself in movement and in rest.   

With your active participation, you will learn how to practice these principles on your own, to continually improve posture, spinal alignment, and overall functioning.

The pleasant side effects of engaging with this process include:  â€‹sustainable relief from chronic back and neck pain, reduction in joint stiffness, improvement in posture and balance, reduction in stress and anxiety, improved breathing, and greater facility in refined motor activity such as dancing, playing a musical instrument, sports, or performing a surgical operation.

If you move, if you breathe, if you are in pain, the Alexander Technique can likely help you.

Tech Support provides useful information on the many medical studies conducted on the Alexander Technique, how it improves your overall health, how it helps the performing artist and much more! 

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